The Road To Reopening: The Evolution

Updated: Feb 20

Welcome, friends! This is the brand new The SPOTT Night Club BLOG. We welcome all comments, discussions, ideas and suggestions, and most importantly, we look forward to seeing you all in PERSON very soon! It seems like so long ago...

As you all know, COVID has made things impossible for most businesses, from fining people and jail time for opening against the rules, to taking away their licenses to even exist inside their cities. A phased reopening took place briefly, where groups could begin gathering again in lesser quantities as long as social distancing was practiced. Schools were discussing opening back up for the end of the school year. It looked like the worst was over.

Remember when this happened randomly that one Saturday night in May?

But it wasn't long before it all went awry. Numbers were claimed to be spiking, hospital beds full, panic mounting, so mask mandates started becoming a thing, and social distancing not an option, but a requirement. All dining became an outdoor affair or drive-thru only, everything had to close down at 10:00, t.v. commercials and highway billboards blew up advising us all we must stay home to save lives... And The SPOTT, faced with the entire world in a crisis and the spread of a deadly virus, was left with no choice but to halt our parties based on the advice of medical experts. It was of our opinion that it is better to be safe than sorry, and ensure that our customers were not being put at further risk. We decided to close our doors until medical experts could better understand the problem.... I mean, how does one remain masked up and in compliance with social distancing at The SPOTT!?!?

So time began to go by and these face coverings didn't seem to be going anywhere. Each Saturday, people would show up at the gate, calling and emailing about when we would be open, and WHY weren't we open?!!?!, the desperation growing more apparent with every weekend that passed. Inquiries came in about private parties, about parking lot events, all the while, COVID continued to consume our media stations and lives as we knew them leaving no option but to ride it out.

But, it was time for a change. After months had gone by at this point, we began to think about all the reviews that had been left on Google, Yelp and FourSquare, and the loyalty and concern being expressed by all of our people even in the light of a crisis... these people just wanted to have a kick-ass time, and party into the 5:00 hour of the a.m... they depended on us to give them a place to unwind, be themselves, explore their hidden desires... it was time to step it up a notch. As the virus evolved and adapted, so did the branding for the club. The SPOTT Lifestyle and Swinger Club of Kansas City became simply, The SPOTT Night Club. Since we are firm believers of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it', the nomenclature was the biggest major change. But since we are in the business of refining and improving things that are already awesome, there are a few key differences that leave their mark. All of your familiar faces, the perks, the themes and features will be here when we reopen these doors. But we will be coming back bigger and better than ever! We've acquired a new private parking area just west of the Night Club that will hold over 100+ vehicles. The entrance/exit on the Television Pl. side will be available, including a flight of glow-in-the-dark stairs and on-site security to ensure your brief walk to the club is well-lit and comfortable. The WETTSPOTT gazebos have been equipped with new awnings and fabric coverings, making your VIP experience all the more luxurious. But most of all, the response to this whole mess by our valued patrons, has lit a fire under us to make this not only the BEST club in Kansas City (as per Google, even during a pandemic), but to make this the BEST club you've ever EXPERIENCED.

Yes, The SPOTT Night Club is re-opening, and soon! If you are reading this blog, you must already be following us, but if you haven't yet, don't pass up the opportunity to get even more live coverage of all things The SPOTT Night Club by joining our mailing list. And please, do share it with your friends! Reviews will also bring smiles to our faces, so leave us some love if you have a few minutes.

The website has undergone a major overhaul as well! If you haven’t seen the Virtual Tour or the Aerial Interactive Flyover, then what in the world are you waiting for?! Go now! Other BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS are coming too, so stay tuned. You won't want to miss it!

So... in the large scale scheme of things, time has gone by, life has been crazy and the world is basically nuts, but one thing still remains just around the bend of Television Pl. It still stands tall and unwavering and ready for your return. The SPOTT Night Club will be welcoming you back in soon. And we look VERY forward to seeing you there!

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