The Relevance Theory... or Something Like It


I have to say, for a first blog, that last one did pretty well in the views department. I must admit, we went in kind of skeptical having never really "blogged" for an audience of readers before, and given the topic at hand, how much can be said at this point around this looming dark cloud that is never going to seemingly go away? It would have been a lot easier to just throw together a shameless collage of scantily clad bodies, coupled with some promotional theme dialogue and some catchy background tunes like "Rock And Roll All Nite" or "Sexy And I Know It"... (which probably would've gotten a few more likes and ♥'s, come to think of it). But the main goal in doing this blog and in starting it out writing about the pandemic was both to spread awareness and clear up some of the questions and confusion around what has happened to the people of The SPOTT, and also to gather some insight on what everyone has been thinking through all of this.

There were a few people that did take the time to send an email containing such insight... One reader commented that we were *expletive expletives * for not having any *expletive * testicles and that we should just open up anyway, and say '*expletive you! * to the man! A very colorful point made. I will disclose, that over the course of these months, we did consider taking that route... For about 2 seconds, until we realized that he was not writing with The SPOTT Night Club's best interest in mind and that ultimately, he was just an idiot (seriously, we offered (even highlighted) to him where the "unsubscribe" button could be found in a very professional but candid response*, but typical as it is with these keyboard warriors, he wrote again a couple of weeks later offering words very much the same as the first time, complete with promises of bailing on the weekly mailing list and he means it this time!....... so chances are good that he's reading this right now).

There were other suggestions given about how we should have thrown caution completely to the wind, another about providing masks at the door with the ultimate decision for our patrons that came to put on the mask or be turned away, and also one suggesting it be based around a person's vaccination status. But despite a few negative or potentially discouraging responses, the majority of readers we heard from wrote words of support, encouragement and excitement at the up and coming. We recently put a poll up for our mailing list readers to weigh in on the SPOTT's plans for reopening, and there was an overwhelming response from all of you. We wanted to thank everyone that took the time to share their thoughts and opinions (well, * almost * everyone), sincerely. We, just like the rest of you, have really felt the impact of this pandemic, and not just due to the lack of 5 a.m partying. This business is what keeps some of us paying our bills, so NO one has wanted to open it back up more than those who live and breathe it. Everyone is SO ready to get back to some type of normal, whatever that may be in your world, and what better place to do just that than The SPOTT? Fortunately and because of the fact that we WERE proactive in response to the crisis, The SPOTT Night Club will be opening its doors again and we are ALL about that!

So, outside of that one random event that we snuck in back in May...

February marked the 12-month anniversary since the last party was held at The SPOTT Night Club.

I'm pausing for that to sink in...

Despite their best efforts though, they haven't broken our spirits, and due to such, we continue to keep growing... Growing more motivated, more determined and are interestingly enough, becoming somewhat of a household name. Kansas City's best-kept secret is getting out. People are talking about us... People that hadn't heard of us before, people that are curious and interested to find out what it's all about, our regulars that are dying to come back inside these walls and climb into that familiar VIP booth like they did every Saturday for as long as we can remember, but also, people in competition with us, and people that wish they could BE us. A hater is typically their subjects' biggest fans, and they tend to speak the loudest offerings, especially when they feel like others are jumping on the opposing bandwagon. But being a topic of discussion, good or bad, keeps you relevant and spreads the word like no other source of media can. Like an untamed patch of poison ivy in July, The SPOTT Night Club continues to thrive, becoming bigger, better and more badass with each passing day (and we thank you for keeping our name in your mouths!).

All that being said as a prequel to this: Because of YOU, The SPOTT remains #1, and even during a pandemic with 12-months of being closed staring back at us, is still rated the BEST CLUB in KANSAS CITY per Google as it has been since 2017.

Google is based on algorithms made up from popularity through searches (both outright and as a result of keywords), review ratings, website presence and other factors. The SPOTT Night Club has worked hard to achieve this type of presence in a world where what we do is sometimes considered taboo. In the end, the fight only fuels the fire.

#bestclubinkansascity since 2017!

A few consolation prizes we came across while browsing the interwebs... For Best 10 Nightlife in Kansas City, MO according to Yelp!, The SPOTT placed third. Lyft ranked The SPOTT in third also for 2021's Top Trending Clubs in Kansas City, and we came in at #21 / 40 in TripAdvisor's poll of Best Clubs and Bars in all of Kansas City.

And we can't think of a better way than that to end this pandemic pause.

So, from this point forward, the future is the focus. The road to reopening has been a long and winding one, but things always have a way of coming full circle. No, we may not have been open like we'd hoped on March 13th, despite our best efforts, and unfortunately, did not make the deadline for the 20th. But there are exciting things in the works, and some #awesomeparties being planned. Thank you to all of you who have been patient! Also, to those of you who have sent in reviews and positivity, you ROCK! If you would like to submit a review for The SPOTT Night Club, it's encouraged you go here. If you'd like to leave some feedback about the blog, feel free to email us. And we keep saying this, but we really do mean it (be on the lookout for our (ACTUAL) #reopeningannouncement, coming soon to a mailing list in your inbox!), we will be seeing you all real SOON!

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